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by Lindsey Collen

Krish Burton is seventeen, and he’s struggling with the memories of his beloved dead brother, the school exams that he is failing, and with his parents who never call him by his name, instead barking ‘Boy’! ‘Boy’! ‘Bo-oy!’

But when he is sent on his first on his first trip alone across the luscious Mauritian landscape to visit relatives, he starts to set his own rules. He tells lies, small and pointless ones at first, but they lead him into adventures which spiral out of control, making him realize that there is more to being a man than simply older.


Through this touching, exuberant tale of courage, love and friendship, Lindsey Collen explores a young man’s social and sexual awakening ad he leaves his childhood behind.



The eternal conflict

by Bhismadev Seebaluck

In between the pages of this book many will hear the common cry of the fallen angels, many will shake their heads in front of the déjà vu and many more will regret men’s action and their grave consequences. But beyond and between the lines lies the mysterious message of the Gita.

Time and time again the oft-repeated advaitic message rings out its clarion call, “Awake, awake, listen to the truth of the Self! Nothing can destroy you, nothing can vanquish the warrior in you for you are the sons and daughters of Immortality, eternal conciousness and bliss.”


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